Do You Need To Maintain High-Voltage Electrical Equipment?

High voltage electrical equipment is a series of actions or process activities to maintain conditions and ensure that the equipment can function properly so interference can be caused which can cause damage. The purpose of maintaining high voltage electrical equipment is to ensure the continuity of electricity distribution and extend the life of the equipment. In addition, this also aims to improve equipment security. The ls electrician service may be important when it comes to electrical equipment maintenance. However, you must ensure that an electrician has experience and knowledge in such that job. Below are types of voltage electrical maintenance.

1. Condition-based maintenance is maintenance carried out by predicting the condition of electrical equipment, whether and when it is possible that the electrical equipment leads to failure. By predicting these conditions, symptoms of damage can be detected early. The usual way is to monitor conditions online whether the equipment is operating or not. For this purpose special equipment and personnel are needed for analysis. Maintenance is also called maintenance based on conditions.

2. Time-based maintenance is a maintenance activity carried out to prevent sudden equipment damage and to maintain the optimum performance of the equipment according to the technical age. This activity is carried out periodically with guidelines for the factory instruction manual, existing standards, and experience. field operations.

3. Corrective Maintenance is maintenance carried out by planning at certain times when electrical equipment experiences abnormalities or low performance when carrying out its functions in order to restore to its original condition accompanied by repair and refinement of installation. This maintenance is also in the form of replacement that is damaged or lacking function that is an implemented plan.

4. Breakdown Maintenance is maintenance that is carried out after sudden damage that is not certain time is an emergency.

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