Measuring the Color Accuracy of LED Lighting Results Using CRI

LEDs are indeed considered to be more accurate in reproducing the object’s color in the results of a photo shoot, but how to measure its accuracy? That is certainly already thought so that a CRI (Color Rendering Index) is made as a measurement standard. You can use a device called the Spectrometer to take measurements. You can visit our website to get h11 led bulb headlight.

CRI is a unit of light used to explain the ability of an artificial light source to display the color of an object or object according to its original color in the sun. So that the CRI score is higher if the artificial light source produces the object’s color more like the original in the sun. The highest CRI value is 100. Until now there are LEDs whose CRI has reached a value of 95.

The LED panel that gets a good rating is Amaran HR672 owned by Aputure whose CRI has reached a score of 96. The following are the results of a comparison test of Amaran HR672 with LED without a brand. Can be seen the absence of red on the LED without a brand while Amaran more complete color.

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