Some Of These Words Can Not Be Said By Customer Service To Customers

All companies do have good customer service. Good customer service can affect the company’s income homepage. Employees must be able to provide the right customer service to customers. Also, make sure that the number you give to the customer is a number that is easy to remember and the number must be easy to contact. You can use cheap 1300 numbers as your customer service.

The company must also have the right customer service staff. They must be friendly and they must accommodate all customer questions and complaints. Here are a few words that customer service staff should avoid.

“I don’t know”
All matters relating to the product or service offered by the company in detail must be known and understood by customer service staff. This kind of response will confuse the customer even if there is no difference between customer service like this with the customer. As a result, customers will become doubtful and will not trust anymore with the customer service company in question.

“I can not do it”
Because the customer cannot do or resolve the problem, of course, he will contact customer service staff with the hope that customer service can do it or they can solve the problem. A response like this means removing customer expectations. If the reality is indeed incapable and there is a section that is indeed devoted to completing a particular case, do not ever say that you cannot do it, but leave it immediately to the customer service section that is specialized in the thing.

“This has become our company’s procedure”
Procedures are made indeed to standardize and strengthen regulations. The procedure does not have to be rigid and can be excluded for certain cases as long as it does not damage the company’s order and does not weaken the terms and conditions such as the customer complaining about the fault of the company itself.

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