The Important Things To Know Before You Choose The Condo Purchase

If you are still single and have no plans to get married in the next 3 years, of course, studio-type condos are the right choice and will be more efficient in terms of care. Somehow, if you are a small family, just a two-room unit is enough. Are you considering this when having the plan to choose the condo unit of South Avenue Residence?

When talking about the condo purchase, the next thing to talk about is the floor. Want at the top or bottom level? The more down the floor you choose, the easier it is to access outside the building, but it will be noisier because the position of the unit is closer to the noise of human activity or vehicles. Conversely, if you have more privacy on the upper floors because of minimal environmental noise, your access and travel time will be longer. When will you shop around to get the best unit choice when choosing South Avenue Residence?

You can also consider choosing a unit where the openings (bedroom window) are not directly facing west and east. Because at certain hours, this area will be very hot because it is directly exposed to the sun. Well if there is a unit, watch the window area with the use of sunscreen. When talking with the staff of Avenue South Residences development or the marketing person, then you can ask the related question.

How important is the function and layout of space for you when looking for Avenue South Residence condo? Even if you get a unit offer with a super attractive price, you still need to feel the space in the unit to be chosen. At a minimum, you have visited the show unit. Units with square shapes are certainly more efficient than other forms because spatial arrangements are easier. You can feeeel whether you have a connection with the spaces inside, whether the division of space is efficient, there is a balcony or not, including setting up the service room.

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