These Three Common Factors Make Your AC Becomes Less Cold

Have you just bought a new air conditioner, it’s been installed correctly, using a thick pipe and vacuuming too, how come the air conditioner is not cold? Well, if this is the case, it means that the air conditioner might not be dirty because it’s still new. Therefore, you may call the cheap aircon servicing in singapore to help you clean your AC.

All things being equal or if the compressor is not damaged due to factory defects and Freon pipes and the connections are also not leaked, it means that the 3 conditions below must be considered:

1. Is Btu AC BIGGER than Btu room needs? Example: 4x5m room needs Btu 12,000 must use AC 1.5PK with Btu 12,000. The 3 × 4 room needs Btu 6000 using 3 / 4PK with Btu 7,000. For a 5x5m room with a Btu 12,500 requirement, if you want the room temperature to be 24 degrees down, you MUST use 2PK. That’s how to determine the AC PK for the room. If Btu is removed, is less or less or less, it won’t be able to reach 24 temperatures down. This also hasn’t counted the person who slept in the room huh as in point No. 4.

2. Is the room on the 2nd floor? If it is definitely hotter than the 1st floor because the heat from the roof will go down directly to the room.

3. Is there a large window facing the West or East in the room? Or is the wall of your room directly exposed to the afternoon/afternoon sun? if yes, surely the room is hotter than if the window faces North or South and the walls of your room are not directly exposed to the afternoon sun.

So the conclusion is if your room is 3x4m it needs 6,000 BTU but there are 2 adults who sleep, the Btu needs 7,200 actually. Use AC 3 / 4PK so it’s not enough actually if the temperature of 24 also becomes difficult. Especially if there are TVs, computers, lights, etc. All must be calculated. If the 3 × 4 room has a TV, refrigerator, or PC for example, and there are 2 people who sleep in the room, they should use 1KK. It can only touch 24 temperatures down.

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