This Is The Technical Planning Process Of Land Clearing

Land clearing is one stage where the land you will use is cleared. This land cleaning process must be carried out with professional people. Many professional people can do this land clearing. You can search for Land Clearing Near Me if you want to find the land clearing services you need.

This process is usually needed by those who plan to build a house or oil palm plantation on a land. Land clearing has several stages of technical planning. These are some of the techniques in question.

– Survey and Blocking
Before the machine enters, a survey and blocking area is carried out for each block and determination of Main Road, Collection Road, and Boundary Road. This survey and blocking include the erection of roads and blocks.

– Making of Boundary Road
In this stage, the heavy equipment must be entered either in the form of an excavator or bulldozer adapted to the terrain conditions. Boundary road is made intended to provide road access to the border areas of the company with one another or with forest areas that are not the company’s territory. The width of the boundary road is usually 8 meters with a wide ditch beside it as the main drainage.

– Making Main Road and Collection Road
The main road is made in the direction of sunrise and sunset or East-West with a width of 8-12 meters with a ditch on both sides as access to the main road or garden traffic. While the collection road is made north of the south with a width of 6 meters and a ditch on one side. Collection road is useful for traffic collection of palm oil crops and maintenance.

This technical planning process can only be done by those who are professionals in the field. You must use the right land clearing services to clear your land.

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