You Should Do These When You Make A Training Video Prior To The Editting Process

Before starting recording video tutorials, it is important to consider the various kinds of problems that must be resolved properly through video. For example, short videos that are very good for showing actions or behavior that cannot be represented in writing (such as a running horse). That is why videos are very suitable for showing how to do physical tasks or demonstrating soft skills training such as sales techniques. Apart from that, you may hire the finest video production singapore when you want to provide a high-quality training video for your new employees.

On the other hand, there are times when the video might not make much sense. For training material that you expect people to have to return to many times, you might be wiser to choose in writing media (or if you like, both). Furthermore, video is a media direction, so it works well in cases where learners are not expected to participate directly (lectures, private lessons, etc.).

Once you determine that you choose the video as your training media needs, it’s time to start making a film.

You must prepare further. By first writing, the script (script) and practicing many times will make the narration smoother. You can also create a storyboard to list what you are shooting. If you record sound, make sure you use a decent microphone, which is on your camera (or cellphone, if you use it), not necessarily to produce a very good sound recording quality.

To shoot a still image, use a tripod, or at least place the camera on something stable. There is nothing worse than the camera rocking.

Just a short shoot, between 8 to 10 seconds, unless there are certain reasons to take it longer.

Do more than one take for a few shots to get a good video, and get a clean ‘take’ can facilitate the next editing process.

Avoid the old opening, and navigate with important information. One of the common complaints of video tutorials is their long duration so that the short duration with related information is better. Next, add more context and information.

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