You Should Know Embroidery Based On Its Character

The type of embroidery based on the character is divided into several types. The first is commonly known as computer embroidery. Computerized embroidery is currently the most widely known among embroidery services. With computerized embroidery, it will produce a smooth and neat applique and of course similar to each other. Computer embroidery minimizes errors because it uses computer commands to run the machine.

The second is embroidered towels. This type of embroidery will produce embroidery resembling the texture of a smooth and rather thick towel. This towel embroidery is often found in identity jackets made from cotton or varsity jackets.

The third is an embroidery application that is often used in some clothes. The process of embroidery of this application uses additional fabric on the embroidery to be glued with embroidery jumping on the side of the fabric. Embroidery applications are used in several choices of fabrics such as felt, parachute, wp, Oscar, leather and felt.

The fourth type of embroidery based on the characteristics of embroidery is embroidered embroidery. As the name implies, this embroidery will produce an embossed or 3D effect after the results are finished. For hat embroidery, generally, this type of embroidery will be used.

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